Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gajeel and Natsu figures by Tsume!

We've been waiting for them and now OMG! They're here!!! Yeah!!

Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox figures by Tsume (of Fairy Tail). Pre-orders? Yes, you can through their website.

Ian: But? wait where's Wendy?

These are high quality figs of about 1/8 scale and the good thing about this is, it's not really costly, around Php 4270.00 (Approx US$106.55). Sculpted by Romaine Clouet and painted by Guillaume Hémery.  They're limited to 3000 pieces each. So crossed your fingers and let's hope that it's still available, and IF NOT? Hope that they'll have hearts for us (Potakus) to make another sets of them.

And we're hoping that one day

Ian: One day? don't forget, that if ever Mayan prediction are for real, the world will end in just few weeks, you know?

CH: shut up! and call Goku! he knows what to do.

Anyway, that tsume won't stop with these two awesome guys, we wanted to see all the fairy tail members in the future. And not only Fairy Tail, but also Lamina Scale, Blue Pegasus, Raven Tail and other guilds and the new breed of Dragon slayers, Sting-kun and Rogue.

Pre Oder Natsu | Gajeel

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